Company Profile

Eco Analysis Corporation provides customers with useful information for the environmental conservation through our environmental monitoring systems and analyzes potential solutions.
Our core competence is the system technology based on the operation and the maintenance knowhow, and we also perform data analysis leveraging our broad specialist network. We support the business solutions of our customers from the aspect of environmental measurement.

Company Introduction Sheet

What do EAC do for you?

Total support

We provide monitoring systems that are highly cost-effective. We offer total support from system introduction planning through system design, construction, and operation.

Systems integration

We can introduce the most suitable monitoring systems with flexible designs that are suitable for the circumstances of our customers.

Environmental analysis data

It is not just raw data; we also provide information that is valuable in solving problems for our customers.


Date of Establishment
March, 1971
Head Office
84 Takeda Kitamitsugui-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-city, 612-8419, JAPAN
75 million yen
Number of employees
173people(1 April 2016)

As part of the Fujitsu Group, we provide appropriate responses to a diverse range of needs.

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