Nature. Disaster. Pollution.
Protect safe and secured people life and the living environment.

As a national or local government,
or administrator of the industrial zone,
how do you establish the sustainable, systematic scheme to protect the safe, secured and healthy life of your people?

Your mission may be…


  • Environmental improvement Program

    Environmental improvement

    Initiate the schematic environmental program. Direct the enterprises.
    From the planning to implementation, how to realize the sustainable environmental activities?

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  • Disaster Mitigation

    Disaster Mitigation

    Flood, storm, earthquake, tsunami, drought, tropical heat…
    How to forecast the change in weather to minimize the affect of disaster as a very first step to protect people’s living?

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  • Water Supply Process Management

    Water Supply Process

    The water – the essential life line.
    Does the governing area have a well-established control system for the water quality?
    We provide you with the water quality control system.

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  • Emission・Effluent Control

    Emission・Effluent Control

    As an Initiative for the environmental conservation, need to reinforce the emission control and wastewater control on enterprises.
    How to build the sustainable system?

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  • Enviromental Condition Management

    Enviromental Condition

    Air pollution, olfactory pollution, vibration, water quality.., all that injure the human health.
    What are required to improve the environmental conditions for the better living of your people?

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Business model

Starting from the close hearing to identify the key factors of your challenges,
we support you throughout 4 steps. See the customer support flow below.

EAC Customer support flow Customer

Service for you

24 hours monitoring systems designed for your focused purpose.

Know the quality of Air / Water

Know the quality of Air / Water

Safe and secured life of the people cannot be without the role of the government.
The environmental problems such as air pollution, water pollution, noise, vibration or subsidence are not something that can be immediately solved. What is important is not to miss the slight change of the parameters- showing a sign of the problems-, through monitoring and controlling these parameters.
You might know this fact, but…

When it comes to establishing the monitoring system for your problem, it would very hard to select the appropriate equipment,
locations and number of the observation stations, network, software, and …

Are you in trouble with what and how to start?

We support you establish and operate the system suitable for you by one-stop.

Supervise the enterprises

Supervise the enterprises

The wider concept of ESG (View point of Environment, Social, and Government, which all together are the essentials to the long term success of the business) has been spread, and the severer the laws and regulations have required the environmental conservation and the protection, it has become highly difficult for the enterprises to balance the environmental conservation and the success of the business. The enterprise which fails to conform perfectly to the requirements should risk its business.

You might have the concerns such as “What should we start with?”, “Which should do first?”, or, “How to do?”.

We will answer to your concerns and support you to reduce the environmental risk, taking advantages of our experiences in environmental field.

Protect from the disaster

Protect from the disaster

The seriousness of the natural disaster does not know where to stop, due to the effect of the global warming. The hazard that human has never experienced can take place suddenly. Of course the containment program to avoid these natural disaster should be very important, but at the same time, it is critical to detect the sign of the disaster in a timely manner in order to take the countermeasure promptly and to reduce the impact of the hazard.

You might be in trouble with solving your difficulties such as “What system we need?” “How to monitor the parameter to catch the sign of disaster?”…

We are proud of highly reliable monitoring system and equipment that would solve your difficulties.

Environmental program

Environmental program

Nothing in the environmental problem come from a pair of a single cause and a single result. An serious environmental problem suddenly comes out only after the combination of various factors have been repeated over the time. That’s why the approaches from the multiple points of view are required to tackle with the potential environmental risk.

However, it is not simple and easy to find out the factors, and to implement the corrective actions against these factors.

We can support you approach your environmental problems, taking advantage of our know-how and established technology.