EAC support you find out the problems related to the environment.
We help planning the environmental program and the implementation .
Our supports cover all the phase of your environmental improvement cycle including documents work for the import / export of the system, calibration, and data analysis.

To contribute to your ever changing values,
we continue providing the environmental solutions beyond your expectations,
taking an advantage of our quality assurance capability, technology and experience.

Launch the environmental project together

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  • Our supports cover the entire environmental improvement cycle; starting from the consulting for the compliance with the law or the technical standards, designing, procurement, installation of the equipment, to operation and maintenance.
  • We flexibly offer the scope of the support to meet the user needs. Either the support of the entire environmental improvement cycle, or the support on the part of the cycle.

We as a specialist in environmental management service, we carefully investigate your practical limitations and requirements for the system installation through consulting.
Then we clarify the problems and challenges that you have to overcome in implementing the plan.


System design and development will be done in Japanese office, to provide you “Japanese quality”. EAC customize the monitoring system. As we are not a manufacture of the sensors , we can select the best sensors among multipule sensor vendors for your monitoring system to fit to your required specifications. The subject matter you need to measure will be satisfactory measured with the high-quality monitoring system.


To construct the system at the designated places, we procure the necessary components, and proceed document work to export the necessary equipment to the designated country.


The business partner by yourself will actually construct the system at the designated place.
Upon your request, we will send supervisors from Japan, to educate / train your construction staffs, manage the construction, or test and tune the system.

Operation & Maintenance
Operation & Maintenance

We provide the operation support, through education & training on your local operators.
We have remote maintenance support, and in the case any failure occurs in the system, we get the error log through the network.
Depending on the failure, we send our engineers from Japan.

2. Support Flow

We first clarify the challenges the government and enterprises may have in relation to the environmental pollution or biodiversity problems.
With this process, we can suggest the best suitable project which you would implement.

STEP 1Clarification of the key factors in your challenges
  • We carefully investigate your problems and challenges through hearing.
  • We clarify the necessary processes to solve your problems.
STEP 2Action plan
  • We clearly define the purpose and the target to each processes in STEP1.
  • We suggest necessary equipment and materials and provide the road map of the project.
STEP 3Define Specifications and estimated cost
  • Prepare specification documents of each contents, according to the road map shown in STEP2.
  • All of the system specifications are developed fairly. We do not select sensors (components) from a specific company.
  • Estimate the cost according to the specifications. In this process, we obtain the quotations from several sensor (component) vendors and select the best sensors.
STEP 4Application for the Budget
  • We support you prepare document you need to apply for the budget of the project.
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