Business partner

Business partner

The more the industry grows,
the bigger the market for the environment-related business becomes.

Project to build the infrastructure required for the environmental service.
Participate the environmental protection plan initiated by the government.

Are you looking for a partner for the success of the project?

Your mission may be…

  • Market Entry

    Market Entry

    You have a business opportunity to enter the environmental services.
    You eager to sale the system solution, but you may not have know-how in the system design, installation, import or export…

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  • Environmental Service

    Environmental Service

    Wishing to participate in the environmental conservation project, so you may need the environmental monitoring system.
    You may need supports in locating the necessary monitoring appliances, selecting the equipment applicable to the purpose or procuring the system, or supports in the activities utilizing the system.

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  • Infrastructure/ System

    Infrastructure/ System

    Your customer ordered you an infrastructure such as power plant, effluent treatment facilities and clean water supply.
    The order require the items that relate to the environment-consciousness, but you might not have the technology for them.
    Are you looking for the business partner who have know-how on building and operating the infrastructure?

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  • Consulting


    Establishing the environmental monitoring system is not a goal of your business.

    Aiming at the business that provides the solution for sustainable environmental control, based of the the consulting service?

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The target customer

Who is your customer?
Find the mission of your customer would have,

Cooperation Scheme

As your business partner, we support you in many aspects starting from the preparation of the proposal documents to your end-customer and launch the project.
In the implementation phase of the project, you by yourself will operate the system on-site basically, but we can supervise if you need.

Cooperate as one business team!!